do you need my mom’s estrogen by Sung Yim

Sung Yim is a bilingual South Korean immigrant living in Illinois. Their work has appeared in The James Franco Review, Contrary, Kweli, and Crab Fat Magazine. An excerpt of their debut memoir is available for pre-order as a chapbook by Ghost City Press, and that memoir in question, What About the Rest of Your Life, will be out this fall from Portland’s Perfect Day Publishing. 

Long Gone by Kenyatta JP Garcia

Kenyatta JP Garcia is the author of Slow Living (West Vine Press), ROBOT and This Sentimental Education. They were raised on Flatbush Ave and still holds the world to the standards set forth by that microcosm of poverty, patois and street poetry. Currently, they spend their nights putting boxes on shelves for a buck and by day they edit Rigorous and prepare for the zombie apocalypse and the inevitable return of our alien overlords.