About The Wanderer

The Wanderer  was launched in April 2016 as the weekly poetry feature of Harlot Magazine. When Harlot shifted to a monthly e-zine format, The Wanderer also changed courses, splitting off onto its own unique website but with the same mission as before: Printing stellar work by incredible poets, and paying for the privilege of doing so. We believe in publishing poetry that is immediate and forever, poetry that serves as an intersection of time, place, and the poet who observes it. We also believe in poetry as a public good that can be funded by the public that reads it. As such, we welcome you to contribute to our authors by supporting our Patreon campaign.


Co-Editor – Colette Arrand: Colette Arrand lives in Athens, Georgia, and is the author of Hold Me Gorilla Monsoon (OPO Books & Objects, 2017). She can be found online at colettearrand.com.

Co-Editor – Raquel Salas Rivera Raquel Salas Rivera es una poeta, traductora, ensayista y educadora puertorriqueña que vive y trabaja en Filadelfia. Ha publicado poemas, traducciones y ensayos en numerosas revistas y antologías; también ha publicado cuatro poemarios: Caneca de anhelos turbios (2011), oropel/tinsel (2016), huequitos/holies (2016) y tierra intermitente (2017). Si para Roque Dalton no existe revolución sin poesía, para Raquel no existe poesía sin Puerto Rico. Puedes aprender más sobre su trabajo si visitas raquelsalasrivera.com.

Raquel Salas Rivera Raquel Salas Rivera is a Puerto Rican poet, translator, essayist, and educator living and working in Philadelphia. They have published poetry, translations, and essays in numerous anthologies and journals, and as well as four poetry books: Caneca de anhelos turbios (2011), oropel/tinsel (2016), huequitos/holies (2016), and tierra intermitente (2017). If for Roque Dalton there is no revolution without poetry, for Raquel there is no poetry without Puerto Rico. You can find out more about their work at raquelsalasrivera.com.

Contributing Editor – Ginger Ko: Ginger Ko is the author of Motherlover (Bloof Books), and the chapbooks Inherit (Bloof Books) and Comorbid. Sidebrow will be publishing her second, currently unnamed full collection of poetry. You can find Ginger online at www.gingerko.com.

Contributing Editor – Moss Witchmonstr: Moss Witchmonstr is a feral transsexual living in Oregon. She is author and designer of three full-lengths books, most recently Careful Mountain. She is currently trying to write the gayest book in the world. Follow along at http://patreon.com/monstr.

Art Director – Sarah Schmitt: Sarah Schmitt is currently attending The Cooper Union in New York City. Her work can be found online at http://sarahschmittart.com.