REVIEW: Vetch #2 (Spring 2016), by Zach Ozma

Vetch, the first-of-its-kind magazine of trans poetry and poetics, has just released a second issue.

From the paperback memoir onward, trans literature has a strong history of ruminating on temporality. What have we been? And who will we be? We look back for the sake of comparison, of revulsion, of nostalgia, of estrangement. In this issue, Vetch’s authors address temporality. Vetch takes a approach to the past ala utopian Marxist philosopher Ernst Bloch. This work sets out to use the past to “imagine a present otherwise.”

SEA-WITCH, by Moss Angel Witchmonstr

Moss Angel Witchmonstr is a feral transsexual woman living in Oregon. These pieces are excerpts from her novel-in-fragments Sea-Witch. You can subscribe to read Sea-Witch as it is written at her Patreon. Her most recent book, Careful Mountain, was released on June 28th by Civil Coping Mechanisms.