The Wanderer welcomes you to submit 4-8 poems or prose of up to 5,000 words via our e-mail address, which is


Rather than say what we’re looking for in your art, it’s our hope that you’ll read the work we’ve already published to get a sense of whether or not your poetry is for us. We pay $25 upon publication. We are committed to publishing the work of artists whose lens isn’t the straight, white, cis male one that dominates our culture. If you are queer, trans, non-binary, a person of color, a woman, disabled; if you’re a beginning writer or an experienced one, The Wanderer wants to read your work. We’re also actively searching for

Poems in Spanish: Aquellxs poetas que escriben en español pueden enviarle 4-8 poemas, con o sin traducción, a Raquel Salas-Rivera (

Book Reviews: We’re interested in book reviews, especially those by and about the work of women, trans, non-binary, and POC poets. Book reviews pay $10 upon publication.

Excerpts: Part of The Wanderer‘s mission is to further promote the work of poets, and as such we are excited to work with authors and presses in publishing excerpts from upcoming books of poetry.

Previously Published Work: Have you published work on a personal blog, a Tumblr, as a series of Tweets? Out of respect for other magazines, we can’t publish work that’s been previously published by someone else, but if you’ve self-published something spectacular, we want to see it.

We refuse to be afraid of fascists, racists, trolls and the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy in general. We are here. We will fight.